Rokubi Mini is a high performance and cost effective Force Torque Sensor.  Rokubi Mini is a solution for robots that need to interact with humans and their environment. Its high overload values, as a result of design optimization techniques makes it an impact robust sensing module with integrated electronics.  Rokubi Mini is extremely resistant against impacts, temperature changes and EMI. It was initially developed for quadruped robots to measure the ground reaction forces when walking and running at harsh environments. As such, this technology can be used for robotic arms, exoskeleton or prosthetic devices, or for robotic surgery platforms. Emphasis is given for applications with collaborative robots which is a technology that nowadays, is changing our working style.

Rokubi Mini 6-axis Force Torque Sensor Specs


Rokubi Mini 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor on ANYpulator

Rokubi Mini is integrated on ANYpulator (RSL - ETH Zurich) through Robotic Operation System (ROS).

Rokubi Mini 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor on action

Rokubi Mini is a 6 axis Force/Torque sensor designed to withstand impulsive forces. Contact detection during dynamic gait of ANYmal (RSL - ETH Zurich) is performed.


Fully Integrated

Rokubi Mini is integrated with all necessary electronics. No additional electronics are needed for accurate force and torque measurements. Temperature and acceleration measurements can be retrieved from the device through its USB or EtherCAT interfaces.

Accurate force and torque measurements

Carefully selected components and design optimization provide high overload protection with high signal sensitivity. Signal to noise ratio is maximized.

Impact robustness

Engineered and manufactured for dynamic and static measurement provide excellent behavior against impulsive forces.

Ingress protection

Sealings provide up to IP68 protection while maintaining the creep and hysteresis at the maximum possible performance.

Plug & Play

Updated Drivers and ROS package are provided, providing the users with easy installation and integration with their systems.

UR compatibility

Mechanical adapters for UR, Rethink Robotics and most of the ABB and KUKA robots are provided for a ready to mount sensor. UR caps are on the way, such that will provide the UR users with easy integration of Rokubi Mini in their applications.


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